Valentines Makeup (a.k.a. Hot Date Night Makeup)



Although February 14th flew by in a blur of roses and love hearts, who’s to say this makeup look can’t be reused for your hot date you’ve got coming up (this could include a super cute date with your cat and/or other applicable fur baby should an appropriate human companion be lacking). valentines-makeup1Drop the cutesy love heart and diamanté and you’ve got yourself a beautiful, romantic look for your date.

First step is applying your primer, this evens out your skin tone and allows for a fresh, smooth canvas, that is your face, for the application of further makeup.

I used timeBalm by thebalm for this look.


Now the next few steps, I’m going to be brief because hey… no date wants to wait too long, as I’m sure no blog reader wants to read too much.

I generally move to my brows following priming my face and for that I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Chocolate and I recommend to use brow gel to set any of them troublesome stray brows – I’ve yet to find a favourite for this one, the search continues.

Moving onto the most important aspect in my opinion, the eyes (they are the windows to your soul right and that’s pretty important on a date…), I used my ever trustworthy Morphe Palette (35OM). Building up from your transition shade (the soft neutral colour that helps to blend further colours in), and graduating from lighter to darker in the crease and out and inner V of the eye I slowly created this soft, red/pink look. Adding a touch of La La, Super Shock Shadow by Color Pop right in the middle of the lid to make the eye pop just like your dates heart will when they see you looking so mighty fine.

Then off course add your deadly sharp winged liner and a beautiful, fluttery/fluffy pair of falsies to open up your eyes.

For my liner I used Schwing by thebalm and lashes were ‘Alessandra’ by Glam by Manicure.
P.S. the name of the lashes felt totally appropriate for this valentines look, I felt as though when I put them on I was converted into some sexy kind of European beauty called Alessandra… Yea, dreams are free.

I always line the bottom of the eye with one to two of the key shadows you were using on the upper eye and this will make your eyes pop. Don’t forget to apply some mascara onto your bottom lashes, again following this theme of your eyes popping (very desirable). My go-to for lower lash mascara is Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless – this stuff is bomb.

Now that the eyes are complete, I move onto the rest of my face. As I am sure you’ve heard many beauty guru’s alike state – this is to ensure that:

  1. You don’t ruin your foundation/concealer application when your hands are all up in your faces grill applying your eye makeup; and
  2. You don’t get any fall out (from the eye shadow) onto your, what would have been applied (if you didn’t listen to these instructions) foundation.

Because I was creating a valentines look, I used my M.A.C Waterweight foundation – although this doesn’t have the longwearing properties of the Pro Longwear for example, I wanted something that looked natural and dewy because my natural glow of being so in love and not desperately single at all on valentines needed to shine through.

I did however, use M.A.C Pro longwear concealer to conceal my under eyes which were no doubt ridden with dark circles after a sleepless night worrying about how to make this the perfect date. It also just happens to be my favourite concealer at the moment and general go-to.

For contouring and bronzing I used my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette and for a blush I used the most B-E-A-U-tiful blush by thebalm, INSTAIN Long Wearing Powder Staining Blush in the colour ‘Swiss Dot’.

It is the most stunning peach shade with pigment I could die for, giving you a beautiful flushed look to compliment the inner butterflies. I hightlighted the high points of my face with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit with the shade ‘Pink Heart’ because I was really dedicated to sticking to the valentines theme (unfortunately, none of my pictures really captured this highlight but I can assure you, it was fantastic).

Then to ensure that this look lasts all potential outcomes of this valentine day/date night, including but not limited to, waiting around for a no-show date or a particularly hot and steamy night – I set my under eyes, T-zone and carved out my contour with the M.A.C Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, allow the under eye and contour area to ‘bake’ and gave it all a generous spray with M.A.C Prep+Prime Fix+.

Then last, but certainly not least, I lined and filled in  my lips with a Jordana lip pencil (I believe the shade was nude pink… no guarantees here though and I hate to admit that I am currently far too lazy to get up and check) and applied a nudey-pink gloss… any will do, to create some luscious, kiss worthy lips.

And ‘wa-lah’, the finished look….



I wish you all many a hot date and I hope you found this somewhat helpful or at least mildly amusing.


AG xx





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