Autumn Hues: Step by Step

The summer that was never really here is swiftly slipping from our grips, as the stores are filling with clothes of maroon and burnt orange… a sure fire sign that Autumn is on it’s way.

To bid farewell to a lack luster New Zealand summer, I wanted to create a look with those beautiful autumn colours.

It’s somewhat a step by step, with pictures documenting each (ok, not every single step because otherwise it would have felt a bit excessive) step of the makeup application.


Let’s GO…

  1. Prime… always prime. It allows for a seamless application of foundation which is ideal. It also helps with the longevity of the makeup.
  2. My next step is to fill in my brows, I like to do this first… for no particular reason…I just do.


  3. I begin with my brow pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills and an angled brow brush. A handy tip is to begin towards the tail of the brow, this means that if you’ve got too much product on your brush, it will be darkest at the end… which is generally what you want anyway.
  4. In  this case, I didn’t use the pomade to line the entire brow as this can sometimes be a quite severe look but instead, I  went in with a dark brown power (I actually just used an eye shadow for this… cheater, I know) and blended out the front of the brow.
    You can see in the last picture the difference between the filled in vs. untouched brow. 


  5. The next step is totally personal preference but it’s one of my favourite steps for my brows and that is cleaning up the outline with concealer. It creates a really clean, sharp finish, however, some people do find that look too severe. Below is a comparison picture;P.S. I also bring the concealer right down onto the lid which then also primes your eyes ready for your eye shadow.

  6. Next… eye shadow (woo!). There are some basics of eye shadow application and that can be quite repetitive but it’s so important in creating a seamless, well blended look.Begin with your transition shade, a neutral, light shade that’s purpose is to assist with blending the  further eye shadows you will apply.

    As you can see this transition shade I’ve chosen is very subtle and just adds a touch of dimension to the eye that you will build on with further shadows.


  7. I then layer further colours, graduating from lighter to darker. As the shadows got darker I began dragging them down and outlining the shape of the outer V of the eye.
  8. Now, I’m a self confessed addict to winged liner… so I am challenging myself to creating more looks WITHOUT my beloved wing. I’ll be honest, I’m starting to dig it… but I will always love a killer wing. So, with that in mind, I skipped the liner and applied my false lashes.
  9. So now your eyes are nearly done, I move onto the face. Now, I totally forgot to take pictures of this part but they wouldn’t have been very exciting pictures anyway… just me staring like dick into the camera which this particular post already has enough off.
    I used my M.A.C Pro Longwear foundation and concealer for this look, applied with a flat foundation brush, then, going in with a buffer brush which I sprayed M.A.C Fix+ on, I buff out the foundation.
    I do this because I personally, feel like the Fix+ helps blend the foundation into my skin better and results in a more natural looking application with the added bonus of once again adding longevity. Honestly, I could be completely wrong about this but it works for me… OK!
  10. Following this, I apply my contour with my Anastasia Beverly Hills palette – I’ve become so picky with contour and bronze shades since buying this palette so any suggestions, please leave a comment… I need to expand my taste!Then I go in and carve out my contour and set my under eyes with the M.A.C Prep+Prime Translucent Powder and allow this to bake.


  11. Once this had ‘baked’ I removed it with a big fluffy powder brush and then applied my bronzer (Anastasia Beverly Hills), blush (NYX Powder Blush – Peach) and highlight (NARS – Albatross)Now, I had a bit of a ‘waah’ because my camera was just not capturing the contour, bronzer, blush OR highlight (WHAT IS THIS)… I got a bit grumpy, then reminded myself that people have far worse problems and we moved on with life (a.k.a this makeup look).
    So below is a picture of the contour, bronzer, blush and highlighter that you can’t even see………

  12. Now, no look is complete without lining the lower lash line.
    Using two of the shades I used on my upper eye, I applied a darker brown/orange shade, packed tight to the lash line and then blended this out with a lighter orangey shade. This will make your eyes pop and just ties the whole look together._mg_4603
  13. Now last, but certainly not least, I lined my lips with a nude lip liner (Jordana – Natural), applied a cream lipstick (NYX Liquid Suede – Sandstorm) and finished the lips with a gloss (Napoleon – Hey Mr. DJ). These are all beautiful nude shades, however, the camera/lighting made the colour appear slightly darker then it actually was.
  14. Generously spray M.A.C Fix+ (I use this excessively and I ain’t even ashamed about it) and wa-lah, you’re finished look…Love,
    A.G xx


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