The Empowerment of Makeup: My Thoughts

In a generation where social media is accessible in a matter of seconds and people are using this tool to market themselves, we have seen the beauty industry blow up, with bloggers, you tubers, and instagram-ers? (do they have a special name?).

This has allowed people’s talent to reach so many more people, and whilst this has it’s benefits and, overall, people are generally more accepting of makeup… there are still those (and always will be) who critic peoples choice to use makeup.

Whether it be they think people use too much, it’s a façade and people are hiding their true self… or the (roll your eyes) memes about guy’s taking girls for swims for the first date, so they can see what the face looks like without makeup.

Whilst I am a firm believer in natural beauty and loving yourself with or without a face of makeup, as silly as it sounds, makeup became something really important to me.

I compare makeup to my ‘war paint’.

As a normal human being, we experience such a vast range of emotions that can be thrown out of balance from bad weather, a mean comment or even a memory.

It’s beautiful that we are created to be able to experience such raw feelings, no matter how hard they can be to feel sometimes, however, there are some days where our day is just a little bit too hard, perhaps we are feeling a bit self conscious, maybe we’re feeling fierce AF or it could be we need/want a creative outlet.

When I apply my makeup, I feel a sense of empowerment. When I step out of the house I walk with my head a bit higher, or perhaps I stay in the house and just feel damn sexy cause don’t we all deserve to feel good! I feel braved and ready for the day and if a touch of makeup can do that then hell yes, let me at it.

I would love to say that my bare face can do that to me every day and some days I feel damn fine without any makeup but I’m human, and sometimes my insecurities get the best of me but that’s OK!

Some people go to a day spa to feel good, or maybe they go for a work out. Everyone has their outlets or their vices, your ‘pick-me-ups’. For me, and many men and women like me, mine is makeup.

So, the message I’m getting across here is you do you. Don’t judge another persons pick me up, passion, career etc. just like I won’t judge you if you indulge in pizza and ice-cream after a long day.

Let’s create a world of love and empowerment. Love for yourself and for others… leave the judgement at the door.

Lots of love,

A.G xx




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